Multi-Factor Authentication is here!


We recently announced a new security feature called Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA). Register now to add a safe and secure two-step verification method for your online identity.

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You will need access to your MyCF portal and Patriots email. Let’s get started.





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College of Central Florida Information Technology Department








Multi-Factor Authentication will help keep your account secure!


The College of Central Florida IT Department is adding more security for your online credentials. We need you to register for Multi-Factor Authentication before you can implement this new requirement.






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After you register, you will have a two-step verification process with a range of easy verification options such as phone call, text message or mobile app notification to access your online data or applications.



College of Central Florida IT Department




College of Central Florida Information Technology Department









Setup Microsoft Authenticator app authentication




Use the Microsoft Authenticator app to receive notifications on your smartphone or tablet to verify your identity when prompted for Multi-Factor Authentication.


Step 1. Download and install the Microsoft Authenticator app.

Visit the Apple app store or Google play store on your device and install the Microsoft Authenticator app. Alternatively, visit and download the Microsoft Authenticator app.

Step 2. Add your account to the app.

  1. On your desktop, visit .
  2. Select Add Method > Authenticator app. 
  3. Follow the wizard experience to setup the app.

Scan the QR Code in the app and test the push notification flow as part of this process. For more information, see this guidance.

Step 3. Change default sign-in settings to the Authenticator app.

To ensure that you are prompted to sign-in using push notifications:

  1. Visit .
  2. Select Default sign-in method > Change> Authenticator – notification option.

Congratulations! You are now setup with the Microsoft Authenticator app and can receive push notifications for multifactor authentication verification.


College of Central Florida IT Department






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