FAFSA - Federal Application for Student Financial Aid You must fill out a FAFSA every year to receive financial assistance. It is important that you apply early. Financial aid funds are limited and the process takes time. Although financial aid can be awarded throughout the year, the students who apply early may receive larger grant awards.   Bright Futures students are no longer required to fill out the FAFSA.  
To apply for Financial Aid:
1 . You will need a Federal Student Aid FSA ID.
2 . Apply at studentaid.gov . (CF's school code is 001471)
3 . After you have submitted your FAFSA, CF will contact you if any further information or documentation is needed before an aid notification letter can be mailed to you. Please click on Personal Info (near the top of the screen) to verify your mailing address is correct. For best results, apply for Financial Aid early, preferably between October and January for the following Fall term.
Financial Aid priority deadlines are:
• by July 1 for Fall term
• by October 1 for Spring term
• by February 1 for Summer term