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The complete Fall calendar is located under the calendar tab. 

Fall 2018                          

Financial Aid Bookstore charge period (A/C terms) – 7/30 - 08/27/18
Must have financial aid award sufficient to cover total cost to have classes protected

Fall C 2018  (Aug. 20-Dec. 13) 

Admissions application deadline Aug. 8   
General registration              June 5-Aug. 17
Last admit date                    Aug. 10              
Classes begin (residency deadline)  Aug. 20
Add/drop period                   Aug. 20-22
Drop only                            Aug. 23-24
Last date for a refund           Aug. 24

Fall A 2018  (Aug. 20-Oct. 9) 

Admissions application deadline  Aug. 8
General registration               June 5-Aug. 17
Last admit date                     Aug. 10              
Classes begin (residency deadline) Aug. 20
Add/drop period                    Aug. 20-21
Drop only                             Aug. 22
Last date for a refund            Aug. 22

1098-T forms are to be mailed to eligible students on January 16, 2018.  Visit to find out more information regarding 1098-Ts.

Winners of the 2017 Student Satisfaction Survey.

View the list of all past winners here.

Tuition Payment Plan

Payment plans are available each semester to help ease the cost of tuition. Sign up with NelNet to make monthly payments. The earlier you enroll, the greater your options! 



For more information, please click here, or call NelNet Business Solutions at 800-609-8056.